Primary Care

Inspire Integrative Medicine specializes in providing personalized comprehensive primary care by
integrating evidenced-based conventional medicine with scientifically- proven holistic approaches. We
strive to help each individual reach their health and wellness goals by interpreting and guiding
recommendations from your team of healthcare specialists in a collaborative partnership. Many of our
providers offer a focus of interest to meet the needs of all patients including specialties such as
oncology, young adult care, and women’s health.

Primary Care Specializations:
• Focus on preventive medicine, including cancer screenings, evaluation of cardiovascular disease risk,
vaccinations and mental health assessments
• Management of chronic health conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and
• Incorporate lifestyle medicine interventions, including nutrition assessment, exercise and physical
therapy, sleep hygiene and stress management.
• Interpret complex lab work and radiology reports, such as advanced cardiovascular biometrics,
hormone and endocrine markers, and functional medicine testing
• Coordinate care with your team of medical sub-specialists and community holistic providers
• Provide current evidence-based recommendations to promote optimal health and well-being
• Offer same-day acute care and urgent visit with providers who know you
• Participation in cutting-edge medicine through clinical trial offerings

Primary Care In-Office & Virtual Services:
• Annual wellness physical exams
• Cardiovascular risk assessment
• Cancer screening and risk assessment
• Prescription, nutraceutical and supplementation management
• Chronic care management
• Patient advocacy and care coordination
• Joint and trigger point injections
• Basic dermatology screening and skin lesion removal
• Urgent care visits
• Vaccinations